Bride and groom dancing at an outdoor Puget Sound wedding with backlight in black and white

When you hire a professional photographer for your wedding, you're putting your trust us to beautifully capture your special day with the BEST angles, the BEST details, the BEST moments. We love what we do and can't wait to show you what we've captured! 

Bride and groom hands with child outdoor wedding in tall grasses

When Will We See Our Wedding Photos?

We will post a sneak peek photo a day or two after your wedding and post it on our Facebook, Instagram and Google+ sites. Then, by the time you've returned from your honeymoon, we'll have a BEAUTIFUL blog post featuring your big day and a small selection of your most stunning photos. We'll email you the link before we post anything else on social media, because we want you to be the first to see!!! From here, you'll be able to forward this email with the link to the blog post to your friends and family for them to see too.

Sharing Your Wedding Photos on Social Media

Later that week, we'll also post this selection of photos (and the link to your blog post) on our Facebook page in a gallery and tag you. This will make it easy for you to share on social media, tag guests and comment. Everybody loves to see their picture, so tag away! Guests will be able to share these photos too, which also helps spread the word about our business!

We'll share some of our favorites on Instagram too and make sure to tag you. If you have a hashtag for your wedding, we'll use that too. You can also repost these images and give us a shout out at @2cedarsphoto!

Bride red rose bouquet detail portrait in window light

In-Person Wedding Photo Gallery Reveal and Slideshow

When it's time, we will be so excited to show you the rest in person! We'll have champagne or sparkling cider to celebrate, along while you watch a slideshow of your big day. We promise to have plenty of tissues too, because it'll no doubt bring tears to your eyes!

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