Rattlesnake Lake Engagement Photo

We were so excited for this engagement session with Rachel and Peter. Both from Alaska originally, we knew the Rattlesnake Lake area would be the perfect woodsy spot for photos in the Mountains with this outdoorsy duo.

Engaged Couple - Seattle Engagement Photography

Peter surprised Rachel with a very sweet and romantic proposal in Hawaii with the help of a friend - he flew straight from Las Vegas to Alaska to Hawaii to surprise her! They'll be heading back to Fairbanks to get married this summer.

Engagement Photography Seattle

Rattlesnake Lake is in North Bend, WA, near the start of the Iron Horse trail through the Cascades and just below Rattlesnake Ridge. It can be crowded on fair weather days and weekends, but it's a fantastic spot for a day hike. 

The lake was the most magnificent blue-green color that day, and chock full from the snow melt and incredibly wet winter.

That day we had all kinds of weather. Sun, rain, hail, thunder, lightning. Rachel and Peter were so great about adapting quickly with us as the skies changed, and we decided to head up into the forest before the weather got too serious!

We were only a few paces into the Rattlesnake Ridge trail in the forest before it started to pour, but I am so happy now that it did. I think I might like shooting in the pouring rain now, because this is my one of my all-time favorite shots:

Couple kissing in the rain at Rattlesnake Lake

Congratulations, Rachel and Peter!