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Informal Fall Family Portraits | Tacoma Photography

Informal Fall Family Portraits | Tacoma Photography

Golden grasses at Fort Steilacoom near Tacoma

What was supposed to be a yucky, rainy Northwest day turned out to be one of the most beautiful days of the year. We were looking for somewhere close to take a quick walk and ended up at Fort Steilacoom park near Tacoma. What a great spot! Lots of interesting old buildings, a little lake and paths skirting the forest that take you through tall golden grasses and an old oak prairie spilling over with acorns. We'd never been before and we can't wait to go back.

Our visit turned into an impromptu Fall portrait session next to the barn doors. We snapped a few shots while these kids jumped around and cracked jokes. I'd say we were successful in capturing their personalities at this stage! 

We're currently booking Fall portraits through the end of October! It may seem a ways off, but this time of year is perfect for taking beautiful outdoor portraits for Christmas cards and gifts -like a beautiful album or keepsake box of images for grandparents. Contact Us to learn more!