2 Cedars Photography - Family Photos at Alki Beach in West Seattle

I've known Jenna and John for a long time, and was really excited to have the opportunity earlier this month to photograph their whole family this time over at Alki Beach in West Seattle.  This shoot was full of love and laughter and this family shares such an incredible bond. We felt so privileged to capture it!

Alki is not only a gorgeous urban park right on Puget Sound, it has a special place in Jenna and John's hearts - it's where they had their engagement photos taken years ago. 

These two girls are so sweet. They laughed and held hands during our shoot, and when I asked them if they liked having their picture taken I got a resounding "yes!" and an "I LOVE IT." 

Refuel! Taking a break for some water and Top Pot donuts...

2 Cedars Photography - Family Photos - Sisters in Sunglasses 

Being huge Seahawks fans, we knew we'd need to get a 12th Fam photo or two as well...

Loved every minute of this family photo shoot. Thank you so much Jenna and John!!! XOXO